Gaining muscle is an essential part of our development in life. We need muscles in order to perform all kinds of physical functions, and it is essential that we keep our bodies strong regardless of our age. Today, we are going to give you some powerful and very important tips on how you can build muscle with seven ways to do this in the pool without swimming.

Get some gear

These exercises are going to requires some equipment such as push plates, kettlebell, clutch paddles, wrist and ankle weights and a kickboard.

1-The leg kicks

Just hold on to your kickboard while you perform fast flutter kicks with your legs and also scissor kicks with your legs. Do them at least 3 minutes each, and you will feel the burn, which also helps build and tone muscle.

2-The push plate press

This is going to be very useful because it will help you get a stronger chest and arms. You have to hold the push plate with your arms extended as it faces you at chest level. Your whole body should be submerged with the exception of your head. Now, as you hold the push plate at chest level with your arms extended, hold it halfway to your chest and repeat the motion pushing back and forth. This means you go back and forth from an extended position to halfway to your chest.

3-Kettlebell swing

This is the same as the traditional kettlebell swing, but the big difference is that you are doing this one while your body is submerged just below chest level. You raise the kettlebell in front of you all the way to your head level with your arms extended and drip it back in the water while making sure your feet are spread at much as possible to avoid injury. A bit over shoulder-width apart is fine.

4-Push plate rotations

This one is similar to the push plate press, but instead of pushing back and forth, you hold the plate with your arms extended at chest height, and you rotate your torso while you hold it. This provides an excellent core exercise.

5-Jumping jacks

Just go into the water at the neck level and start performing jumping jacks as you would outside of the water. The challenge is quite good, and the impact is much lower, so this is ideal for people with any kind of joint pain.


Also, go as deep as neck level and just start running as fast as you can. This is an extremely useful exercise that even professional NFL athletes are using. Do this in quick intensive bursts if you feel you can do it, but you should consult your doctor before you attempt doing it too fast.

7-Do jumping squats

You can do this one at chest level while standing, and you will submerge your entire body underwater to do the squat and then jump as high as you can out of the water.

Consider aquatic therapy

If you feel that your health is not optimal for any high energy exercise, you could consider a gentler approach with aquatic therapy sessions. Hydroactive services have proven to be an excellent way to get optimal results without any impact.

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