Nutritional Counselling

Staying Healthy with Nutritional Counselling

Nutritional counselling is a great step forward to a better and healthier you. Nutritional counselling helps anyone with or without eating restrictions to increase the quality of life, develop better eating habits, including eating correct quantities at the appropriate times throughout the day, all while eating healthier. 

Beside supporting a better lifestyle for yourself and your family, seeing a nutritional counsellor also helps with many other challenges such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, heart disease, allergies, sleeping habits, focus, mood swings, digestion complications, menopause, nausea and more!

What is Nutritional Counselling?

Who is a Nutrition Counsellor?

Nutritional counselling ensures you replace your harmful eating habits and behaviors for positive ones which will benefit your overall physical and mental health! Nutritional counseling looks at all aspects of a person including how eating habits can affect your emotions, how eating impacts your life. For those who have dietary restrictions, setting eating goals can help overcome these challenges. 

A nutritional counsellor is an individual who has already completed an undergraduate and post graduate degree, who has taken additional courses to deepen their knowledge in nutrition.

Nutritional Counselling

The type of treatment received depends on the particular needs of the individual. A trained nutritional counsellor will evaluate your particular case, or condition and then create a program that focuses on restoration, recovery, and prevention of further issues. The exact goal of this treatment will vary as, again, it depends on your particular situation. Some of the more common goals are to help you manage negative eating habits, avoid the need for surgeries, improve mobility, and over all health. 

Nutritional Counselling Helps With:

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Telus eClaims is a web-based system that allows our clinic to submit our clients’ claims online, bypassing traditional mail-in system and vastly accelerating service. It’s secure and allows direct reimbursement and immediate confirmation of the insurance company’s response when offered by the insurer. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Patients do not need a referral to be treated by a physiotherapist. However, some private insurance companies do require a doctor’s referral. We take care of all billing details, call us to find out more!

Private and Motor Vehicle Insurers, commercial policies, as well as, Workers Compensation, usually cover the cost of chiropractic care as appropriate. We can help you with all insurance questions. Give us a call today!

On your first visit, your physiotherapist evaluates your injury or condition and plans a treatment program for you. This includes the following:

  • Questions about your present condition and health history.
  • Physiotherapy examination to assess your injury or condition. 
  • Review of your assessment findings with a recommended treatment plan

No, it is not. Although, depending on your initial physical condition, after the first couple of treatments you might feel a little bit sore or uncomfortable. However, you will start feeling better after a couple of visits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hydroactive is among the most qualified and professional service providers in Barrie and Vaughan. Our nutritional counsellors have a range of tools and resources at their disposal to help you on the road to recovery, regardless of what you’re suffering with. After initial evaluation and diagnosis, they’ll develop a personalized treatment plan according to your comfort, needs and goals. Our facility is equipped with the latest advancements in technology and treatment options to maximize your potential for healing. 


If you’re living with an injury, chronic condition, or disability, nutritional counselling may be the answer to improving your quality of life. Book a free consultation with Hydroactive in either Barrie or Vaughan today to start feeling and living better. 

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Hydroactive Aqua Therapy and Rehabilitation Center  has locations in Vaughan and Barrie and these facilities feature the newest and most advanced injury and motor vehicle accident recovery equipment. Our clinics features a state of the art swimming pool applying the latest technology in rehabilitation science. The main goal of our clinics is to help you achieve better health both quickly and efficiently.



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